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Diamonds Maida, softness guarentied, Diamonds group of companies. Bringing Essentials

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Diamonds Group of companies. Bringing Essentials, Diamonds Maida Kottayam Kerala India

Yield Strength, Corrosion, Ductile, Brittle, Deterioration


Kottayam Food Processing unit, India, Kerala. Apparels. FE500E TMT Bars, Bringing Essentials

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Welcome to Diamonds Group

Welcome to Diamonds group space. “Acceptance in a competent market can be achieved only through passion and a broad vision.” We have been striving hard to give the best for a better world. Our journey began in the year of 1992 with ‘trust’ and ‘focus’ kept as priority.

The space of Diamonds Group should has all the information you are looking for. Explore the world of Diamonds, and we are always delighted to serve your needs. As Diamonds group tagline says the diamonds group brings all the basic essential for the society like food, shelter and cloths. Diamonds food processing unit produce high quality wheat products including diamond maida for bakeries, diamond porotta special maida for making soft and tasty porottas.

Diamonds Flourmill

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Diamonds Flour Mill, Diamonds Maida Kottayam Kerala India

We provide premium quality flour. We believe in a hygiene planet and the benchmark for the hygiene standards are improved over the years

Diamonds TMT

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Diamonds TMT Plus, Strength Beyong Ages. Bringing Essentials

We are pleased to present ourselves as the suppliers of Thermo Mechanical Treated (TMT) Bars with topmost quality and at affordable prices

Diamonds Apparrels

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Diamonds Group, Bringing Essentials

Our garments are unique in designs and style. Since our inception, we have been offering garments that are trendy yet classic.

Specialty & Innovation

We are passionate about delivering the best to our esteemed clients. We innovate and always find a scope for improvement in order to serve you better. At present, we have three companies. The three companies, Diamond Flourmills, Diamond TMT and Diamond Apparels are engaged in the process of delivering high standard products and maintaining an eco friendly environment. There is a long way to go. We hope to continue serving you better.